Strong Strings That Won’t Break The Bank

Sick of your guitar strings snapping while you shred? We’ve got you covered with our NEW Parson Audio & Allen Eden electric guitar, electric bass, and acoustic guitar strings! 

Our new line of Parson Audio guitar & bass strings feature a stainless steel core and anti-rust coating to allow for heavy playing in any environment. Whether you’re rocking out in your basement or getting sweaty on stage, Parson Audio strings will hold up and stay sounding great. The strings are finished with a phosphor bronze color to keep your instrument looking clean. The Parson Audio guitar strings start at only $6.99, and the bass strings start at $13.99 and come in both 4-string and 5-string sets! 

If you’re looking for a richer bass sound with great sustain, you should go with the new Allen Eden bass strings. Our 4-string and 5-string sets are made with a hexagonal steel core, nickel alloy winding, and gold-plated ball end, giving these heavy-duty strings some glam. These electric bass strings also feature an anti-rust coating, sealing in the lifeline of these great strings. And best of all, the new Allen Eden strings start at only $14.99!

If you’re looking for well built guitar and bass strings at an affordable price, the new Parson Audio & Allen Eden strings are the way to go. Click here to look at all of our guitar string options.

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