Artec Soap Bar 4 String Bass Pickup Neck – Allen Eden

Artec Soap Bar 4 String Bass Pickup Neck

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  • Cover: Plastic
  • Pole Piece: Steel
  • Bobbin: Plastic
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • DCR: 12.4k
  • L. 38.1 mm
  • W. 89.4 mm
Wiring and/or installation instructions are not included.

    Customer Reviews

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    More output than my EMG-SSD's

    I’ve had my Spector for about 20years and never thought to change the pickups, they sounded great but always lacked proper output level to my other basses. These pick-ups sound the same but are much louder(dB wise) and still quiet at rest the only issue I had was that these were a touch taller than the stock EMG's, which almost presented an issue when adjusting them to my desired height. Luckily, set ALL the way down (no extra force added) they sat at the level I have the EMG's. I would recommend purchasing new foam pads if you've had a bass as long as I've had this one, and maybe shaving them down a touch.