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Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII 6L6 1x12" 40-watt Combo Amp

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Since the launch in 2010, Blackstar's HT Venue has become one of the world's best-selling tube amp lines. HT Venue MkII refines this award-winning line and elevates it to a new level of performance with enhanced tonal quality, more versatility and control, and even more pro features including power reduction and USB recording output. Players can expect a number of tonal enhancements including an all-new, class-leading Clean channel that provides unmatched quality and flexibility with a dedicated Bass & Treble controls, and a Voice switch. The Overdrives on the HT Venue MkII have also been re-voiced to be even richer, fuller and more responsive than before. The high gain Voices on these amps remain tight and focused, just like the original HT Venue. All channels and modes on the Venue MkII are now footswitchable, allowing players to access a wide range of tones instantly. Furthermore, there is also a footswitchable boost on all channels for leads, solos, or anytime a player needs to cut through the mix.

New to HT Venue MkII is a Power Reduction feature which provides reliable, transparent attenuation down to 10% of the amp's rated power, which means the 40-watt combo can instantly become 4 watts when it comes time to practice or record. The Venue MkII Series also includes a professional USB recording output, which is the simplest way to record authentic tube tone, either as a stereo signal or professional re-amping. Other pro features on all Venue MkII models include a direct output with built-in speaker cabinet emulation and a uniquely designed studio quality reverb. Lastly, all of the Venue MkII models have been reengineered physically to be more compact, lightweight, practical and portable.

Enhanced and improved Clean & Overdrive voicings

Two footswitchable channels with footswitchable modes

Power reduction down to 10% off full wattage USB for recording and re-amping

12" Celestion speakers in all combos and cabinets

Compact and lightweight for ultimate portability

  • Innovative 40 Watt valve amplifier
  • 2xECC83 and 2xEL34 valves
  • Enhanced and improved voicing
  • Two footswitchable channels with footswitchable modes
  • Boutique clean and high gain overdrive
  • 12" Celestion speaker
  • Enhanced tone controls
  • Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
  • Power Reduction down to 10% of full wattage
  • Clean voice switch
  • Overdrive voice switch
  • Master volume
  • Digital reverb with dark/bright switch
  • Speaker emulated output
  • Effects loop
  • USB for recording and re-amping
  • Compact for ultimate portability
  • 12 “ Celestion speakers
  • Footswitch included
  • Cool vintage styling Review Medals