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Allen Eden

Allen Eden Medium Scale Fretless Bass Neck 21 Fret with No Lines

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  • Neck Wood: Maple
  • Fretboard Wood: Synthetic Wood
  • Finish: Satin
  • Inlay: None
  • Scale Length: 32"
  • Width at Nut : 1-1/2" 
  • Heel Width: 2.5"

Customer Reviews

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Henry Clifton

Since mine is fretless and it really doesn't matter after I figured out my own solution, I give it 3 out of 5 stars because it fought me every step of the way.
Overall it's a great neck for the money but The dots aren't accurate.
When I measured out the scale length from nut to 12th position it came up 15 3/4 inches, so doubled it's 31.5. Okay, fair enough. I measured 31.5 inches to the middle two bridge saddles like I've done for every other build I've done (12 total) and the 12th position had perfect harmonic and the intonation was correct until I played notes on the 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th positions. All were flat.
I then measured 32" from nut to bridge saddles and set the bridge there. Now nothing was in. I Then set up the bass with new position markers based on 12th, 7th & 5th position harmonics and low and behold I self intonation the instrument by ear.
I used a black sharpie to cover the dots and then marked the new locations.
Being a fretless player I actually didn't mind having to do this.
This project is fighting me every step of the way. So I'm probably going to love playing it afterward.
This medium scale is actually a specialty instrument. This neck is now seated on a telecaster body. I'm waiting for the 51 Precision pickup which will have to be fitted into the existing route.
This is a Birmingham Baritone Guitar. It's tuned G90, C70, F50, A#32 Thanx to StringJoy.
I'm still filing the nut slots deeper because it's a raw nut.
I made a small headstock with 1L3R gotoh tuners. There's zero neck dive and it's balanced.
I pair this with a Boss OC-3 octaver and will able cause earthquakes.
Without the octave under I'll be able to summon up the cello gods with this hobo parts axe. I had fun so I guess that's all that mattered. Review Medals