Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Set - SH-4 and SH-2n – Allen Eden

Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Set - SH-4 and SH-2n

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For cleaner, more articulate tones, the SH-2 Jazz Model is a perfect fit. When placed in the neck position of a guitar, you're treated to classic humbucker tones that reach far beyond the "Jazz" moniker implies, including country, blues, funk, and heavy rock. The SH-2 Jazz Model excels on fast runs up and down the neck, and it's natural tone allows it to easily match up to virtually any bridge pickup. With the sheer amount of tones available, guitarists of any ilk will find the SH-2 useful.

  • Humbucker
  • Standard spacing
  • High output
  • Color: Black
  • Bridge position
  • Strong treble detail with aggressive harmonics