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Strings rattling against the frets and hurting the sound of your guitar or bass? Fret buzz is very frustrating, especially when it happens right after you unbox a new guitar. Let’s look at some ways to fix the fret buzz and get your instrument ready to rock.

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Rewiring your electric guitar or bass can be one of the most difficult luthier projects to take on, but it’s a rewarding experience that teaches you much about guitar maintenance. Let's dive into the basics of wiring.

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Rewiring your guitar or bass can be a lengthy process, but successfully connecting your instrument is very rewarding and teaches you a lot about electric guitar maintenance. Let's look at pt 2 of the basic wiring process.

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There are many advantages to making your own guitar nut, such as optimizing the sustain of notes for your playing habits. While there are some specific tools needed, shaping your own guitar nut is a fun, fulfilling task. Let’s dive into the specifics of how to shape your own.

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Allen Eden appreciates every one of our customers, and we're excited to launch our new AE rewards system! For every $1 you spend, you get 5 points added to your account. Reach 100 points and get $1 off a future purchase. Read more to learn all about our rewards program.

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