Allen Eden Albatross Fuzz Effects Pedal

Allen Eden Albatross Fuzz Effects Pedal

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The Gist

The Allen Eden Albatross Fuzz sounds like a boutique fuzz pedal but at a fraction of the cost. It features three modes to adjust the EQ of your sound to fit your style. Fuzz sounds can be hard to control, and the pick attack and articulation in playing can be blown away by some fuzz pedals. The Albatross sounds tight and preserves player guitar personality allowing your pick attack and nuance to be heard.

  • Flexible Great Sounding Fuzz
  • Three Modes:  Normal, Bright, Warm
  • Tone, Level, Fuzz Controls
  • True Bypass
  • Super solid metal casing
  • Part of the Allen Eden Effects Pedal series
  • Uses 9V battery or standard 9V adapter (not included)

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