Allen Eden Black Waves Distortion Effects Pedal

Allen Eden Black Waves Distortion Effects Pedal

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The Gist

The Allen Eden Black Waves Distortion is a pedal that captures the classic "Rat" tone made famous in the '70s and '80s. Equipped with the LM308 chip, the Black Waves is versatile enough for many rigs as the Black Waves features three distinguishing modes: Vintage, Turbo and LOUD. While the vintage delivers everything from a mild overdrive to a full gain distortion that doesn't over power your tone, The Turbo mode really thickens up the tone giving you a beefier modern sound on the verge of fuzz. On the other hand, the LOUD mode removes the clipping diodes and this makes the pedal do exactly what it says. It makes the pedal LOUD, harnessing enough volume to act as a clean boost and drive your amplifier into submission.

  • Huge Analog Distortion Tone
  • Three Modes: Normal, Bright, and Warm
  • Level, Tone, and Gain Controls
  • True Bypass
  • Super solid metal casing
  • Part of the Allen Eden Pedal series
  • Uses 9V battery or standard 9V adapter (not included)

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Customer Reviews

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Patrick Mayo
P Mayo

This distortion pedal is fantastic! It has the Rat pedal sound and has the 3 way switch. The solid construction of it will stand up to a lot of handling. The price is the best kept secret to the whole deal. You can't beat the quality of these pedals. You can't go wrong buying these great pedals.

Sam S

Solid distortion. For the price, you cant beat it.