Allen Eden Twilight Reverb Effects Pedal

Allen Eden Twilight Reverb Effects Pedal

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The Gist

The Allen Eden Twilight Reverb is a 3 Mode Reverb effects pedal: Hall, Spring, and Room. This effects pedal also has an A/B switch which varies the sound giving a total of 6 unique reverb options expanding from intimate rooms to long spacious springs/plates/halls. The Twilight Reverb is a uniquely designed pedal encompassing Stereo inputs and outputs. This feature means you can use the Twilight Reverb either as a guitar effects pedal or as a super compact outboard reverb for recording and mixers. It can easily take a mono input and mono output for normal operation.

  • 3 Mode Reverb: Hall, Spring, Room
  • Features an A/B Switch for expanding your sound
  • Stereo Inputs and Outputs
  • Part of the Allen Eden Pedals Series
  • Runs on 9v Battery or a Standard 9V power adapter (Battery and adapter not included)

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