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Artec EX3 Guitar Built-in EQ Expand On Board Circuit

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  • EXP/EX3 is the combined equalizer that has three unique functions in one unit. First is the frequency expander, second is a mid-band peak control and third is a flat booster. Another great feature of EXP / EX3 is unlikely conventional Bass / Middle / Treble Equalizer system that change over all gain while control the frequency character, the EXP / EX3 is designed to keep the over all gain constantly that provides operation stability while you are playing your guitar on the stage.
  • Choose whether you want to have a full mid-range or accentuated high and low frequency for your excellent performance. 
  • EXP / EX3 works with passive, active pickup of electric guitars and basses.
  • Only small amount of current drain (0.16 mA) required that means your 9V battery will last long for years (more than 4000 hours in continuous use. - workable voltage : drop down to 5 V).
  • Dimension: 28mm x 28mm (1-3/32" x 1-3/32").

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