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Artec MMC4 Soapbar Bass Bridge Pickup

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Artec Sound is based in South Korea and is a very large producer of pickups. They produce many OEM pick-ups for other brands in Europe, the US, and Asia. Although their OEM pickups are quite famous under their OEM brand names, the Artecs are still a bit of an underdog. Good for us. The years of experience that Artec has, can clearly be heard in their pick-ups.

All Artec pickups are double-waxed to prevent outside interference. Their Humbuckers are all provided with multiple wires for splitting. With high quality, excellent sound, and versatile options, they offer much for an interesting price.

Single Coils with clear, warm, and sparkling tones, that with a punch of distortion provide you a big rock sound as well. The humbuckers give you a wonderfully heavy and warm sound, while their Tele pickups are crystal clear with a twangy sound. Lovely! I have used their P- and J-Bass pickups in my projects and am still amazed by the power output of this pick-up, just like the soundscape I have by changing or playing the mix of the elements with the tone pot. In the field of online reviews, Artec is doing great and after my experience, I would recommend everyone to try them!

Artec MMC4 Soapbar Bass Bridge Pickup Black 

Cover: Plastic

Magnet: Ceramic Bar

Cable: One Conduct with Shield

Pole Pieces: Big Dot Flat Top

12.7K Output Resistance Review Medals